I have finally updated this site. It has been awhile but there hasn;'t been much news with 16volt lately.


16volt was put to rest because of my growing frustration with the music

industry and the loss of vision and heart that had become 16volt. at the end

of 16volt we we're playing shows in l.a. in front of 100 industry losers

hoping that one of those weasels would see a vision similar to the one we

were. we we're fighting an uphill battle to compete with korn knockoff bands

that every a&r dork in la is signing 500,000.00 dollar deals with and 500

hundred kids a show will pack it in just because korn is friends with the

band...... the soul of 16volt was dying but we kept pushing on, and on and

on. denial junkies indeed. from the time i left re-con until the end it was

a slow demise but a constant one. there we're many contributing factors that

lead to this including the SHIT we went through with slipdisc to the SHIT we

went through (he is still threatening a lawsuit) with our manager (or lack

therof) to the fact that one of the members of 16volt was slowly jumping

ship and finding more fun and career in being the soundman for orgy, to the

fact that my relationships with the band were growing more distant, blah

blah blah. i was growing more unhappy and uninspired by the moment watching

16volt apart and watching this thing i have worked so hard at for years

become what i hated about the music industry itself. the self destruct

button was pushed. i was done. it was a long proccess (12-15 months?) i am

still dealing with all that to some degree but after 6 months of no 16volt i

have found peace with it. it was like ending a marraige, not with the other

members but with myself. 16volt was my vision, no one ever had the same

drive, the same comitment, and i can't blame anyone for that, ok i am

rambling on here but that's is a small thumbnail of what happend for those

who are curious.

so where does it go from here?

i was going through this box the other day and talking to a friend of mine

on the phone who is also in a band going through some similar shit, and we

we're talking about how it all started and where it all went and i stumbled

on this old cassette tape from a really long time ago. so to make a story

short, there is one more 16volt cd coming out. it will be released on

cleopatra records in early 2000, it is called "16volt demography - the

basement tapes" and has material from the very begining of my days behind a

recording device. so far it looks like it will have 14 tracks including the

rare and hard to find imitation demo. (i don't even have an original copy of

it) and it will be really funny and cool to check out i think.

a few people have asked me if i will do any more music.

the answer is i don't know. i will never say never. but for now i have all

my gear packed into a closet collecting dust. in the current state of music,

at this point in my life, i don't want anything to do with it. but that may

change, who knows.


For those of you who haven't heard yet, 16volt is no more for now but, may be back who knows for sure only Eric does.  Eric has been frustrated the past yr or so and has decided to put an dend to 16volt.  The official 16volt site is no longer operational. This site will remain as long as there is interest in the band. I will hopefully have lyrics soon once I can decipher the supercoolnothing print.  


16VOLT off of slipdisc records! After filing several breaches of contract with slipdisc, 16volt's contract with slipdisc records has terminated. 16volt's new management B.I.G. who also works with bauhaus, love and rockets and kmfdm/mdfmk is currently talking with new labels.....more to follow

grab the new pulse magazine (may 1999) from your local tower records. you'll find an interesting article with 16volt's own eric powell, sascha from mdfmk and chase from re-constriction records regarding the current state of "the industrial underground"

16VOLT live! - The Roxy - Hollywood, CA

Wednesday, June 9th, 1999 - 10:30pm


16VOLT news 4/14/99 After months of problems with their former label,  16VOLT's contract with slipdisc records has come to an end. The band's attorney filed several breaches of contract which we're never cured by slipdisc resulting in the contract becoming completely void. Their latest record "SuperCoolNothing" which was recorded for slipdisc/mercury/polygram will remain the property of slipdisc until 16VOLT or whatever label they end up working with can buy it out.

Slipdisc is not shutting down! There have been rumors going around that they were and that they were going to be droped by Mercury/Polygram. due to the merger of  Polygram and Universal. That is false. The label is still around and Polygram is no more it is now Universal Distribution.


16volt appears on The Rage Carrie 2 Sountrack

"keep sleeping" off supercoolnothing will be on it



2/15/99 The Troubadour Hollywood, CA All Ages *Free Show! (under 21


3/6/99 Therapy Encinitas, CA All Ages

more coming......



Features tracks from the original release plus new tracks.

Available from *Re-Constriction Records 1-800-40-INDIE ext.19

*hellbent was originally on Fifth Column Records. Fifth Column

went belly up and Hellbent has re-signed with Re-Con.

As some of you know re-constriction records will be closing it's

doors this year. We wish chase the best in his new endeavors.

In honor of the closing of re-con chase will be releasing a

compilation of original demo recordings of artists on the roster.

We will be contributing "Hate Rivet", a previously un-released song

from the original 16VOLT demo "Imitation". look for this comp.

and more news on it later......


ok, we know that some of you have had problems getting into our site

with the recent update. the site is entirely based in shockwave flash.

we (as always) are working on a new site that will go back to the

previous non-flash format. although we LOVE shockwave, we have found

that in general a small percentage of people are not quite ready to

upgrade all their software and such. Flash is a new technology that

still has some development in the works and we never want to exclude

anyone from being able to support 16VOLT, hence we go back to standard

html. look for this re-launch in early spring.


Check out the article about 16volt in the new Interface Magazine Issue #14 page 41

16volt is no longer managed by Liquid Management. If you need to contact the band for booking etc.. use the general email address

Here is a project for all you 16volt fan out there. It is time to harass Howard Stern for airplay!!! Everyon ego to the phone and call him and tell him to play 16volt supercoolnothing!

Howard Stern Show office: 1-212-314-9322

National Number to call Howard: 1-800-44-STERN

Howard's number for ordering stuff (when there's something to buy):


(800) 44-STERN(78376) - National Toll-Free Line

The Howard Stern Show

40 West 57th Street

14th Floor

New York, NY 10019

If you haven't had a chance to check out the new website please do.

new on the official 16VOLT website ( is a message board,

real audio samples and a much better layout.