3D House of Beef-Great electronic band whom Eric Powell did remixs for.

Chemlab-Harsh angst infested aggro-industrial.

Haloblack- Bryan Black and his electronic mayhem. Participated on Hellbent with Eric, Levi Levi and the guys from Chemlab.

Hate Dept.- Seibold and the guys kickin' up the hate. Collaborated with 16volt on the Remix Wars as well

Nihil-Great band from AZ and fellow Slipdisc label mates. Toured with 16volt

Luxt- Great aggro-industrial band with female vocals on 21st Circuitry. They also have played with 16volt

Cafe Soundz- Cool store located in Montclair NJ and carries 16volt merch

Slipdisc Records-Home to the new 16volt album supercoolnothing.

Re-Constriction- 16volt's former label.

Filthboy - Great electronic metal band played with 16volt in Pittsburgh

Cleopatra Records Catalog -Check out the remixs wars

Cyberbabies -a great compilation in search of a label

The CyberDen - home of 21st Circuitry and cleopatra records

GEMM-Order the entire 16volt discography right here. Over 3,000,000 cd's on catalogue and growing everyday!

Carpe Mortem -great page for gothic/industrial stuff plus add you link

Metropolis Records- The new home of the remix wars. Look for the 16volt vs Hate Dept to be re-released under the Metropolis label

WaxTrax! Records- the best industrial label around!