Wisdom 1993
Re-Constriction/Cargo Records

16 Volt: Eric Powell (vocals, programming, samples, guitar), Joel Bornzin (drums).

Additional personnel includes: Chris Thomas, Jon Fell (guitar), A.P. Boone


Producers: E. Powell, David Ogilvie, Keith "Fluffy" Auerbach.

Recorded at Chicago Trax, Chicago, Illinois and White Horse, Portland, Oregon.

cover art and direction: eric powell and slc design

Track List
Head of Stone
Filthy Love of Fire
Hand Over End
Dreams of Light
Downtime part one


Skin 1994
Re-Constriction/Cargo Records

16 Volt: Eric Powell (vocals, samples, programming, synthesizer, bass); Jeff Taylor

(guitar, samples, bass); Von Vinhasa (drums, programming, percussion).

Additional personnel: Crazy Chris Carey (guitars, bass).

Engineer: Tony Lash (tracks 2-5, 8-10).

Track List
Perfectly Fake
Slow Wreck
Skin Graft
Built To Last
Bottle Rockets
Downtime 2

Dead Skin(hidden track)


Let Down Crush 1996
Re-Constriction/Cargo Records

produced by: eric powell

recorded and mixed by: jeff "critter"

newell, dave freidlander, eric powell

recorded and mixed at chicago trax

(chicago) and whitehorse studios

(portland), dead aunt thelmas

(portland), red light room (hell)

cover art and direction: nogood

Track List
The Dreams That Rot In Your Heart
A Cloth Like Gauze
Something Left
The Cut Collector
Two Wires Thin
Two Wires Thin MP3
Carla's Tarantulas


Dreams  That Rot In Your Heart  Single 1996
Re-Constriction/Cargo Records

produced by: eric powell

recorded and mixed by: jeff "critter"

newell, dave freidlander, eric powell

recorded and mixed at chicago trax

(chicago) and whitehorse studios

(portland), dead aunt thelmas

(portland), red light room (hell)

cover art and direction:


* original by cypress hill

Track List
Dreams That Rot In Your Heart
Two Wires Thin
I Ain't Goin Out Like That

supercoolnothing 1998

august 18, 1998


produced by: 16VOLT, bill kennedy, joe bishara, and

16volt cover art and direction: eric powell

cover photography: j.k. potter

special guests: chris vrenna(NIN, Die Warzau, Smashing Pumpkins)

Track List
I fail truth
everyday everything
don't pray
keep sleeping
happy pill
the enemy
machine kit
and i go
dead weight
at the end


Re-Constriction's 10* Year Anniversary

1996 Re-Constriction/Cargo Records

Perfectly Fake and Dreams That Rot In Your Heart appear here

Newer Wave

1997 21st Circuitry

16volt covers Turning Japanese

Industrial Mix Machine

1997 Cleopatra Records

Stitched (Mixed by Hate Dept.)  appears here

Apocalypse Now 1
Motorskill appears on this comp.

Recharged -16Volt VS. Hate Dept. Remix Wars Strike #3
Off Beat Records  and 21st Circuitry Records

The Tyranny OFF the BEAT Vol II.
Off Beat Records
Skin (Mix of Hate) appears here

Shut Up Kitty
1993 Re-Constriction Records/Cargo Records
16 Volt does a rock-'n-roll rendition of Devo's "Freedom of Choice"

Thugs 'N' Kisses
1995 Re-Constriction Records/Cargo Records
Seibold of Hate Dept. remixes "Skin" with no guitars

Hellbent 0.01
1996 Fifth Colvmn Records

Operation Beatbox
1996 Re-Constriction Records/Cargo Records
16 Volt covers Cypress Hill's "We Ain't Goin' Out Like That"

Tv Terror: Fleching Dead Horse
1995 Re-Constriction Records/Cargo Records
16Volt does a cover of the Love Boat Theme

Ripped Up & So Sedated
1993 Re-Constriction Records/Cargo Records
"Hand over End" is featured here

1996 Re-Con/Cargo Records

a collaboration between Vampire Rodents and 16 Volt

AC/DC TRibute

1996 Cleopatra Records

"Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap" is done by 16 Volt

Ministry: With Sympathy Covers

1996 Fifth Colvmn Records

16 Volt does "She's Got a Cause"

Neuro Style Vol I

1995 (Neuro Style SPV)

"Motorskill" is featured

Moonraker Vol II

double CD set, 1995 (Sub Terranean SPV)

"Motorskill" appears amidst Bigod20 and Front Line Assembly

Cold Wave Breaks

1995 (21st Circuitry)

Seibold does another remix of "Skin", but with more guitars

Cold Wave Breaks II

1997 21st Circuitry

Two Wires Thin appears here

Built for Stomping

1994  Re-Con/Cleopatra Records

"Perfectly Fake" is featured

The Digital Space Between Vol. II

1995 (Hard/SPV)

Dave Ogilvie remixes "Filthy Love of Fire"

Grid Slinger LP

1993 Re-Con/Cleopatra Records

an editted version of "Head of Stone" and the album mix of "Motorskill" appear

CMJ Certain Damage #49

1993 (CMJ)

"Motorskill" is featured on this puppy

The Cyberflesh Conspiracy

1991 If It Moves Records

an early version of "Motorskill" appears

Covered in Black

1996 Cleopatra Records

16volt's version of Dirty Deeds Done Dirty Cheap(AC/DC Tripute) appears here


1998 Re-Con/Cargo Records

A bunch of Re-Constriction bands re-interpret the Pulp Fiction soundtrack.


1998 Re-Con/Cargo Records

This is the sequel to SHUT UP KITTY.

Work For Other Bands

1998 - eric powell re-mixes "sedition" for an

upcoming 3d House of Beef Import.

1998 - eric powell re-mixes "the cross" for

the upcoming aggression record (mog productions)

1997 - eric powell re-mixes "loaded" for unit

187's new record (21st circuitry records)

1997 - eric powell re-mixes "not if you we're

the last junkie on earth" for a limited 45 by

the dandy warhols (capitol records)

1996 - eric powell re-mixes a track for scar

tissues "seperator" cd (21st circuitry records)

1996 - eric powell records and mixes 5

tracks from the 3d house of beef" cd

Vampire Rodents- Clockseed
1995 Re-Constriction/Cargo Records
Eric provides vocals & guitar for "Mother's Tongue"

TV and Movie Work

J. A.G.

cbs televisions series featured "two

wires thin" and "cut collector" in a new

february episode


16Volt is going to be on a new movie soundtrack for the film TAINTED check it out!

The Living End

a film directed by Greg Araki with 16 Volt as part of

the soundtrack; features songs "Imitation", "Rivet", and "Hang Your


Totally Fu*#ed Up

another film directed by Greg Araki; soundtrack

features "Motorskill", "Wisdom", "Downtime I", and "Head of Stone"

Hi Octane

a show on Comedy Central hosted by Sophia Coppala, features

"Head of Stone"

Planet X

an 'extreme sports' show on the Prime Sports Network, often

uses songs off "Skin" & "Wisdom" as accompaniment for snowboarders

doin' what they do best.

An Occasional Hell

an HBO film that stars tom

berenger and kari wuhrer. "perfectly fake" is