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Official Haloblack- This is the official site for Haloblack done by the man himself  Bryan Black. out some Haloblack/Hellbent mp3s.

Ebay- The place to go to find the ocassional Haloblack item up for bid.

Carpe Mortem- Vast selection of industrial/gothic bands links, record labels etc..

Re-Constriction Records- Home of the new Hellbent cd.

GEMM- This place carries both Haloblack cd's new and used!

Cafe Soundz - Great  selection of  band shirts and cd's including Haloblack t-shirts and cd's!

ISOLATION TANK -This store puts all other record stores to shame. If this store doesn't appease your appetite for industrial music i don't know what will.

CMJ MUSIC -The word on the newest music!

Princeton Record Exchange -Check out this great store for cd's in NJ.

Cyberbabies -A great industrial complication in search of  a label. Haloblack and his side project Heliophobe will be on this comp.!

Cyberden -Home to 21st Circuitry and Cleopatra Records.

Digital Underground - Great Selection of industrial/gothic/electronic cd's.

16 volt- Great aggro-industrial band from CA on Slipdisc Records.

Chemlab- Jared and Dylan rippin' up NYC in the summer of hate!