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haloblack chosen as main success story at

haloblack are producing sonics for The Blair Witch Project video game. expect raw, hard minimal spooky shit.

haloblack is one of the featured electronic downloads at UBL/ ARTIST DIRECT

Alternative Press has just named haloblack's album, :funkyhell: as one of 10 essential

industrial-rock albums. November 1999 issue. :funkyhell: will be re-released in 2000.

3 new tracks have been recorded in London. the new songs include guest vocalists, a string section courtesy of the East London Orchestra Posse over hard, analog funk soundscapes.


>raw tension< (macro1.5) experiments CD was released on 9/9/99 on the URL is

this disc consists of collaborations, experimental re-edits, (maybe a

couple of cover songs if you listen carefully) and 'b-sides' collected

over the last 4 years.

other persons involved: Paul Robb (Information Society, Think Tank), Jim

Marcus (Die Warzau, T26), Levi (My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult,

hellbent), Krayge Tyler (16volt, CHEMLAB), Martin Atkins (Pigface),

Julie Plante (Autumn), Prince (TAFKAP)

track listing:

1. seducto 2. hack 3. blood rich heart 4. no chance control (part 2) 5.

decay (clean) 6. balance (warzone) 7. balance (deconstruct) 8. fat09 9.

rubber alien

audio previews and some free mp3 downloads are available from

so far:

macro 1- >tension filter<

macro 2- :funkyhell:

and now:

macro 1.5- >raw tension<

the future:

new tracks such as 'bored', 'modulus', 'comes from above', 'clinical'

among others are being recorded and mixed for an album (mephatik eratic)

worth of demos which will be re-recorded and mixed in time. currently,

haloblack are preparing for a string of 'showcase' performances.

next week, the video for 'decay' from the album >tension filter< will be

posted on

and with the unfortunate demise of 16volt and CHEMLAB, you can be

assured that hellbent will continue and now with an even greater focus.

any other questions, please email

bryan black


>raw tension< experiments cd coming soon. track listing:


2. hack

3. no way in hell to survive

4. blood rich heart

5. no chance control (part 2)

6. decay (clean)

7.balance (warzone)

8. balance (deconstruct)

9. fat09

10. into the tension filter

11. rubber alien

haloblack have remixed a chemlab track, Exile on Mainline for a chemlab re-release on

Invisible Records. sonically deranged. a must hear.. more details soon....

the video for 'decay' from the album >tension filter< will be viewable from the official haloblack site soon.


New Haloblack Mp3 now available

Play or Save (3.2 mb)


Haloblack now has mp3 files up and ready for mass consumption on

Just follow the link

Haloblack MP3s


The official Haloblack site is now up and running.

Be sure to stop on by and check it out.


Play or Save (4.6 mb)

this track was just mixed with Martin Atkins at The Waiting Room studios, London. produced by haloblack. this track introduces Kim-Leigh Pontin on vocals accompanying bryan black. guitar by Jamie Duffy. recorded in Chicago at Entropy Studios.

this is just the first of many new tracks by haloblack for the album with a working title of 'mephatik eratic'.


haloblack have recorded 8 new songs in London. additional tracking will take place this month with Levi (TKK) and Geno (FILTER) providing some noise in Chicago. these tracks will be mixed in July at Martin Atkin's (PIGFACE)studio in England. the

tracks so far:

comes from above.

blood rich. AF.

so volatile.


raw and sedated.



a couple of demo mixes will be uploaded to this site in early July. is being developed right now.



'mephatik eratic' is the working title for the next haloblack record. a new sound, abstract cut-up seductive beats, funk-bass (Levi of Thrill Kill Kult), string instruments, a highly respected female guest vocalist, possible collaboration/ production with Tricky. while the 'rock' element has been almost completely removed, the new tracks are powerful without resorting to using guitars in a metal fashion. the dark perverse, experimental elements have been carried over from :funkyhell: and new themes introduced. the track 'arom' from hellbent album 'helium' is somewhat along the lines of 'mephatik eratic', only without the vocals and live instruments. there are a few record labels bidding for the release, but surely a release date this year may be impossible. however, updates and previews will be made available on this website. haloblack :funkyhell: (currently out of print) is still available through various on-line music stores. (see website) there have been offers to re-master/mix :funkyhell: for a re-release, but frankly would only be disturbing the progress and sound development of 'mephatik eratic' . the record label that will release 'mephatikeratic' will most likely re-release of version of :funkyhell: plans for a U.S. tour are being discussed, tracks from :funkyhell: will make up part of the set list. thanks for your time, I hope this update will satisfy those who have been anxiously awaiting news ever since the release of :funkyhell:

bryan black.


The new album will be called

"mephatikeratik" (working title only)

Bryan is working on new Haloblack material and is in search of a new label to release it be sure to check this page for future news and updates on the matter.

Bryan is currently working on a Haloblack page at

Hellbent Helium is now available. Place your order today!

4901-906 Morena Blvd.
San Diego, CA 92117-3432

Bryan Black is currently in the U.K. He is working on new Hellbent material. Look for the new Hellbent cd to be release on Re-Constriction. 2 new Hellbent releases are slated to be release on Re-Constriction so look for them!

He is in London now and recording a new HELLBENT. He'll be in the US soon to finish a new HALOBLACK spread the word! also, Reconstriciton will be releasing the new hellbent hopefully by the end of 98. haloblack to follow...  both projects will have bizarre new sound directions...

hellbent 0.02 will be a double e.p. album  there will be about 6 new songs that i'm recording with various electronic artists (Tempest. AutoKinetic.)  i'm not sure if 16v, cLAB or TKK will contribute new material,  although their contributions are on the other e.p. on the album of older tracks..  the new tracks are electronic dance heavy experiments with  vocals from various people, some female.. we (16v, Dylan from cLAB, TKK, HB) are hoping to record a whole new album  by the end of the year. which will also be released on re-contriction.

As of now this is the only working Haloblack page the other 2 that were around are no longer up and running but, this one will always be up so be sure to check back here for updates.

For all you fans out there Bryan Black says hi!