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Tension Filter  Macro 1

1995 Fifth Colvmn Records

Track Listing:

1. Decay
2. Everything Inside
3. Taken Over
4. No Chance Control
5. Deep Into The Holes Of My Soul
6. Balance
7. Nothing To Lose
8. Surge
9. It's Bizarre
10. You Bleed Me
11. Untitled

Cover Version 1 Cover Version 2

funkyhell was originally an E.P. of experimental digital edits and remixes. Hard End remix, Balance 'demo', 'into the tension filter', 'seducto', and some others.

There were 2 versions of this cd released. The limited edition cover is the one on the left.

Funky Hell Macro 2

1996 Fifth Colvmn Records

Track Listing:

1. Distractor
2. Regulator
3. Nympho
4. Lovesick
5. Drylips
6. Bounded
7. Fragment
8. Resonance
9. Seducto
10. Into The Tension Filter

Raw Tension

>Raw Tension<

experiments cd

Track Listing:

2. hack
3. no way in hell to survive
4. blood rich heart
5. no chance control (part 2)
6. decay (clean)
7.balance (warzone)
8. balance (deconstruct)
9. fat09
10. into the tension filter
11. rubber alien

Hell3ent Discography

Hell3ent 0.01

1996 Fifth Colvmn Records

1. Burn Out  4:22
2. Sleeper 3:56
3. Regress (edit)  0:35
4. Chromed  4:29
5. Overloaded  4:57
6. 3 Murders, 3 Nights  4:21
7. Site Down  5:18
8. Anti-Cool  4:10
9. Breathe  4:29

Hell3ent Helium

1999 Reconstriction Records No. 34

Track Listing:

1. 3d (edit)
2. sensual eventual
3. regress
4. blue monochrome
5. 3 murders, 3 nights(also appears on Awake The Machines 2)
6. electro
7. chromed
8. overloaded
9. 3d (version)
10. burnout (at the helium bar)
11. AROM
12. tokyo


1996 Fifth Colvmn Records

Haloblack provides Distractor  for  this compilation

Review of Fascist Communist Revolutionaries

Infectiousunease  review

Jester Review oF WW Underground

Haloblack - Hard End (remix)

Haloblack - Balance (Demo Mix)

1996 Fifth Colvmn Records

1996 Fifth Colvmn Records

Haloblack - Fragment - 3:38:18

Forced Cranial Removal Dissonace Review

Sonic Boom Force Cranial Removal Review


HORSE compilation [CD]

Haloblack covers Fat Albert

1996 Re-constriction/Cargo Records

Ministry: With Sympathy Tribute

1996 Fifth Colvmn Records (Never Released)

'should have known better' is the track that

HALOBLACK covered off of the MINISTRY album,

'with sympathy'

:WORLD WIRED UNDERGROUND: video compilation

there is a video available for 'decay', the first

track off of >tension filter< (HALOBLACK's

debut). the video will be included on the video comp.

Industrial Nation CD Sound  Compilation Vol. 1

Haloblack - Balance

Radio Deadly Pure Sonic Sampler

Nympho appears on this comp

Cyberbabies (Never Released)

Haloblack and Bryan's side project Heliophobe will appear

Sound Tracks


a pc 3d game available with the new super pc(250

MHz) intel computer


HALOBLACK have just begun the soundtrack which will once again set  the

standards in 360-3d gaming.

'This Metal Mind'

haloblack and hellbent appear on this soundtrack for this animation video which

was released in late November '97. Find it in bigger stores like Target, Sam Goody, etc.

Remixes for other bands

Think Tank 12" Single "The Screen"

Haloblack does a remix on this single

haloblack have remixed a chemlab track, Exile on Mainline for a chemlab re-release on

Invisible Records.